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Our company began with Grandma Vivian who was one of the first women in the country to get a real estate license. Her fighting spirit and independence set us on the course for us to follow. She did what she knew best, and that was Single family homes in Denver until she moved up to Nevada to Open her own brokerage affiliated with a national company. Through the years she has passed on that knowledge and wisdom to us.

My father Dane followed in her footsteps, and took over her business setting up in Fort Collins. He specialized in income properties, and has been a rock solid pillar of the community and our business. His analysis of all the variables of real estate income analysis taught me lessons on how to make a good deal.

And then there is me. Merging the best of both worlds, and growing on 3 generations of skill, refining our craft, I live by under promise and over deliver. I have RE licenses in 2 states, manage a motivated staff, and understand technology, and efficiency.

For as much as I have learned, I have never forgotten about the human touch. Working with us is not just a transaction, and account number. This is about getting to know my family, getting to know yours. To listen and build a home, a future for you.

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